Siúil amach an doras

     Walk out the door

I was pondering upon my predicament last night,
Thinking and musing on all my problems,
When a voice behind me said, suddenly out of nowhere
And a woman said to me, “walk out the door!”

“I’ve been observing you,” she said to me, “closely tonight;
And new for me, I took pity on the state of his poor person;
But I have to be honest with you: it’s your own fault,
The answer is to just walk out the door.”

Walk out the door – don’t say good-bye!
Walk out the door – without a word.
Walk out the door – out in the air,
Walk out the door – and you’ll be free.

Well, I agree with your advice and every word out of your mouth,
But easier said than done, like everything in life,
But, if you’d stay here with me, things would be so different,
And I’d be able to walk to walk out the door.

Walk out the door …etc.

And she replied, ”oh, certainly, I’ll give you support, my dear,
It really is as easy as counting 1, 2, 3.
And if you don’t mind, we can continue practising through the night,
Until you’re able to walk out the door!”

Walk out the door …etc.