October 2011

Quiet on the mountain, these days, but every now and again….

Silence torn apart.
Sudden hoarse screech of a chough.
Shocked hill settles back.


Ag éirigh fealsúnach!

An seal neamhbhuan:
do-fheicthe mar phiasún
ar chnoc fhómhair.



The fog is so beautiful, although it kills the view it brings everything into a close, magical perspective

Diamond-spangled gorse,
Dew-embroidered gossamer,
West Cork jewellery.



Fogged in again – still, birdsong is all around too.

Whispering linnets,
like purposeful butterflies,
flit across fogged gaps.



Gale. Wild October bursts upon us. The woods are in turmoil.

Trees strain at their roots,
making a space for Winter,
leaves stream giddily.