May 2018

Ar Inis Meáin, cuairteoirí ag filleadh...

Faí agus fáir;                                                 Call; answering call;
cuach is cuach eile                                       a cuckoo and another,
suirí bhinn cheolmhar.                               musical courtship.



Go tobann…

Braon anuas,                                                  Shiny black raindrop,
damhán alla gan choinne                            falling past my startled eyes:
ag abseil tharam.                                          spider, abseiling.



The Burren is belatedly waking up…

Coy cuckoo flowers
peeping from a gryke’s shelter,
And a cuckoo calls.



A good six weeks behind, the flowers are rushing to catch up…

Dandelions, May, gorse
in gorgeous competition.
Everybody wins.