Not-so-cloudy Day

Not-so-cloudy Day

Whenever life gets too fast,
I stretch out on the green, green grass
And watch the clouds passing by.’Bye, ‘bye!
I float off in a sky-blue trance,
An out-of-body experience,
Making pictures in the sky.

Building castles, building towers,
Dissipating hours and hours,
Lie and watch the picture show.
Feeling mellow, feeling grand,
Never, never, never coming back to land,
Going, blowing in the Flow.

Come on and watch the Big Parade.
See the pictures form and fade.
While away this lazy day:
Press unwind, free your mind,
Let your troubles float away.

`Cos songs are clouds in music form,
You’ll never really get them to conform
To any one man or woman’s view.
Cirrus, stratus, cumulus,
Songs and clouds are nebulous:
What’s there for me can be something else for you.

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