October 2013

Passing down the fern-narrowed roads is a breath-taking experience, their Autumn colour-change is nothing short of stunning… 

Bracken comes of age.
Turns gold, copper, bronze, silver.



Full of surprises, Autumn has turned the heat up again, some glorious days, bringing out hibernating butterflies, fluttering among the multi-coloured foliage…

Sleep-drunk butterflies,
revived by late Autumn heat,
blow with the bright leaves.



Clear and bright again, but suddenly colder, trees and hedgerows have shed leaves overnight, leaving haws, rowan berries and fuchsia flowers burning brightly. It’ll be a good Autumn for birds…

Haws gleam like beacons:
Coax the birds out of the trees;



After a brief, but oh-so welcome respite, the mist and fog are back. Warm but drippingly wet. It is beautiful, though, particularly the webbing on the bushes…

Misted gossamer
spins gorse-bush candy floss treats.
Bees too wet to care.