June 2012

Still no let-up in this weather, our so-called Summer! Three seasons every few minutes.

Forecast defiant:
Sunny spells bake drowsy cats
– between the showers.



Ok, it’s wet, misty, unsettled, awful Summer weather, but it really makes the wild flowers grow…

Daisies’ Milky Way
with scattered dandelion suns;
Lawn’s microcosm.



The palm trees, Cordeline Australis, are agitated as the Kerry wind picks up; looks like the dire predictions of the forecasters were right…

Cordeline sabres
rattle restlessly tonight.
A storm is brewing.



Walking in the Burren and Inis Mór, stunning beauty…

Persistent cuckoo
accentuates the silence.
The stones are ringing.



Birdsong, dawn chorus, daytime recitals, evening vespers, at this time of year never fails to amaze and awe and thrill me…

Treetop thrush concert.
achingly lovely couplets.
The whole World listens.