September 2010

Autumn and leaves are turning, falling; the year turning too.

Coppery beech leaves
sail, sparkling, in the current,
Autumn argonauts.



Forty shades of grey: September skies this year.

A splatter of crows
scratch hieroglyphics on a
blotting-paper sky.



More rooftop observation in Skibbereen, Co. Cork. Those jackdaws seem to be in complete control, strutting around like they owned the place…

In Gestapo-black,
jackdaws goose-step: a cocky,
blue-eyed Master Race!



Sitting outside Working Artist Gallery in Indian Summer sunshine, sipping wine at a little round table, greeting passers-by, art, sunshine, wine, ahhh, the life…

Rooftops. Skibbereen

Slates lichen-rusted.
Jackdaws hoover up insects.
A herring gull keens.