October 2010

A pet day, in the middle of “real” October weather.

Red behind my lids.
Closed-eye-staring at the sun.
Humming with pleasure.



Despite a wonderful, last-ditch Indian Summer, there’s a definite change: suddenly cool when the sun goes in, too cold for sandals, trees shedding, the hills turning…(incidentally, this provided the starting point for my song, “Two Blown Leaves”)’

Blown leaves on my floor,
rusty gold and wrinkled, torn.
Autumn’s moving in.



Ooh, a bad spell there of rain and gales, high tides and “October winds are blowing, the trees have lost their gold. Winter’s grip is tightening and I feel it getting cold…”(from Edit Suite). Not entirely unremitting, though, however briefly:

Autumn suntrap

Flies spiral sunwise,
lazy streaming gold bubbles
in a dark leafed well.



October already! Definite change in the weather, colder, wetter, wilder…

Excited trees fling
armfuls of leaf-confetti
in celebration.