D’iompaigh mé

     I turned away

Out walking with my thoughts yesterday,
I saw your house but turned away.
I failed,
my heart failed,
my courage failed
and I turned away.

Inside my head, gone astray,
the way is clear but I turned away.
I keep your face before me,
the truth is in it, shining,
but I turned away. I turned away.

Throughout my life, again and again,
Nature breaks through: the old story.
I see you. I hear you. I feel you.
I understand you. I know you.

You told me once that sense doesn’t come before age,
if you don’t grab the chance it’ll never come again.
But it’s my opinion,
in my experience,
when it comes to sense, it never comes.

I turned away, I always turned,
I’d turn again and I always will turn…