March 2011

Beautiful light these dry days, the hills are still wearing Winter colours – that’s all just about to change, up on Doire ‘Leath hArd, looking down on Gleann a’Locha there’s a sense of imminence…

Viridian lake,
dragon, scaled in small ripples,
Hemmed by ochre waves.


Light spills through silence,
the bearded woods exhale pine.
A warbler cranks up.


Perfect March weather, sun and showers, alternating between warm and chilly, get in a sheltered sun-trap and it’s hot, step out in the Northerly breeze and freeze!

Sun showers

Clouds chase their shadows.
Blue becomes grey becomes blue.
A rainbow appears.



Along the banks of the Ilen river, Spring has arrived…

Fresh leaves form green sprays,
crocus star the riverbank,
dock rosettes unfold.



Out on Bantry Bay’s beautiful Whiddy Island on what turned out to be the final day of the hare-coursing season (last day of Feb.), we witnessed the training young dogs, hares bursting out from bramble shelters everywhere, the cries of the men and the dogs…

A hare breaks cover.
Chorus of tall, gaze-hounds sing
their admiration.



March, in like a lamb this year, beautiful, calm days, lovely, low strengthening light, buds appearing, birds’ dawn chorus, the catkins furring bare branches, first of all, the hazels….

The catkins shine out
gold and silver among bronze
of last year’s old growth.