December 2011

For months, the (almost) omnipresent mist has been drawing our eyes to the microcosm…

Mist absorbs the view
Nearby plants shine the brighter
This is their show-time.



It rains, it clears, it drains away, immediately it rains again.

Streams, then paths, now streams,
constant mutability:
Dips, lakes, coombs, ponds, sinks.



Silence in the woods, but, high above, the tree tops are dancing to their own music.

treetops collide with deep groans.
A moss-hung moshpit.



So much moisture, light rain, drizzle, mizzle, mist, fog…wetness…Breathy plumes hang over the dripping woods.

Mist wraiths congregate
Wispily they defy breeze
The woods are breathing.



A clear spell after plenty of rain. Full-blown Winter.

Shivering mirrors
shimmer bare-branched images
in copper-leafed frames.