Time to go

Time to go

Used to be a waiting kind of man,
Sit around and wait ‘til things were done,
But I know, I see where I went wrong
And it’s time, time, time to go.

Sitting, looking at the August moon,
Wishing Summer would be over
And now, at last, it is September, September
And it’s time, time, time to go.

Well, I see you’re waiting for someone
And that someone isn’t me anymore
And I’ve over-stayed my welcome
And I’ve never done that before.
Now, there’s nothing in my favour
And the deck is firmly stacked
So I’m packing up my dignity
And I’m walking out the door
And I’m not coming back.

And now I”m sitting, waiting for a train.
You know it seems that some things never change!
But I believe I leave a wiser man
And it’s time, time,
oh, ‘way past time, time to go.

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