July 2016

The Burren is still beautiful this time of year, a little overgrown, but plenty of gems – if you look…

Harebell campaniles
broadcast their silent clamour.
The noise is deafening.



The verges of the South West are stunning this time of year…

The fuchsia blazing.
Mont Bretia flames lick the roads.
The West is on fire.



Rain again…

Clouds curtsy low,
rain kneels on the waiting land,
bruising the green dark.



In the woods, green pools glimmer in the bosky shadows…

Petals circulate,
skull sunwise on dappled pools.
Trawling their shadows.



Strange weather, torrential rain giving way to scorchingly hot sunny afternoons, people first running for shelter, then to the beach…

Clear. Out of Nowhere.
Those rain clouds suddenly yield.
And the sun makes hay.