Leathanaigh as mo chuid leabhair notaí a líonas thar lear. Pages from notebooks kept while traveling…Here’s a typical page from my  journal, from my time Greece…Seo, thíos, leathanach thipiciúil ó m’iris Ghréagach…

“The sun, rising above the morning haze on the hill, strengthens. An old donkey guffaws appreciation. Olive wood smoke rises in lazy, spreading rolls, adding an aquatint feel to the dull greens, faded terracottas and old-white of the walls. Smoke lies in low swathes over the valley and lower hillsides. The sun picks up some angled roof tiles, silverly. A cock crows repeatedly and the morning smells of smoky almond. The sun climbs clear and any lingering shadow-chill evaporates, the colours becoming sharper, even the shapes. The smoke has cleared, morning is over, day begun.” (24/10/08)





Albain (An t-Eilean Sgitheanach) : Scotland (Isle of Skye)

Anseo is ansúid: here and there