November 2010

Brrr! Tá an sneachta thar nais arís – chomh luath leis. Cé go bhfuil sé chomh fuar sin, chaithfeá a adhmháil go ngléasann sé acha’n rud in áilleacht.


Talamh bánaithe
A’s gríosghrua ar spéire.
Tine ‘g brioscarnach.



Some of these evenings are so cold the colour seems leached away

Baby-boy-blue sky
blushes shyly to the West.
Coy moon hides its face.



Bright, crisp days, recently, cold, sharp nights. The huge berry crop this year will be of major importance to the freezing birds.

Winter Blackbird

Stark ‘gainst oyster sky,
he slips through thorny branches.
Plucking wine-dark haws.



November is continuing to present us with generally awful weather but every now and then, when least expected and all-too briefly, it relents, as if to show us what it could be like…

Brief Bask

Drinking-in the sun.
Storing up bright reservoirs
for dark days ahead.



Ooh, the month has started as October finished, wet, wild and dark. This low-level light produces striking and dramatic colour effects on the Autumnal hills…

Nacreous Autumn light.
Warm, tawny grass-radiance
floats above the hill.