January 2011

Unfortunately, another sign of Spring abroad, is the burning by farmers of the hillsides. As if enough damage was not inflicted last, smokey Summer…

Burning the Land

Smoke on the mountain.
They’ve set the heather blazing.
True contact lost.



Ahhh, signs of Spring: a small but noticeable lengthening of the days, more heat in the sun, buds forming, birds singing the day awake, a very occasional, slightly reticent flower, oh, and an election!

Three frail flowers bloom.
Tentative in a sun-trap.
Spring is on the way!



It’s still Winter – and the Winter of Political and Social Discontent! They send out spokespeople to trot out the party line, the official mantras, “for the Good of the Country”, “in the National Interest” – they speak with forked tongue firmly in cheek, showing no respect for the electorate – but then, why should they? We keep electing them!

More human parrots:
inanities recycled.
Blame deftly shifted.


Major issues fudged.
Avoidance and evasions.
Ethical vacuum.



The heart of Winter now, after the snows it seems muted, drained of light and hue; anaemic…

Washed-out Winter days,
colours leached by the snow.
Goldfinch beacon-flash.



New Year, new weather – or rather, old weather, after all the unusual but very beautiful snow. It al;ways amazes me how plants can survive – even the most apparently delicate…


The snows left last night.
Today, the honeysuckle
opens soft, green leaves.