February 2013

Beautiful, clear days, the hazel catkins are abundant, birds are singing, Spring is definitely here!

Hazel copse shimmers,
Hung with thrush-song.
Spring carpet beneath.



Frogs and spawn in all the many, many (this year!) pools and ponds and flooded hollows….

Peripheral glimpse:
ripple of a fleeing frog,
glimpse of green flipper.



At last, a perfect day! Like most of us, the robins, particularly, it seems, are delighted.

Sun-burnished robin
sings into the evening light.
Gold flowing both ways.



After such a long period of fog and mist, it’s exhilarating to experience wind again, real, wild storms!

Wild wind frolics through
creaking, loud-protesting woods.
It’s new-found playground.

Finally let out.
Rambunctious, ebullient,
Pent up for too long.