November 2012

Surprising heat in the rare, afternoon sun, brings out walkers – and bewildered, basking flies!


Fuzzy-edged flies rise,

milling clouds in welcome sun.

Sparks, released by heat.



Apparently endless, hard, cold rain makes you think hard thoughts, until you consider  what the rain does, and what its lack would bring…

Rain slants through sunlight;
A million hissing arrows.
Silver life-givers.



The fallen and falling leaves, the hedges, trees, hillsides, brambles, grasses, heathers are gloriously, technicolor magnificent these low-lit days… 

Sumptuous palette,
Autumn unlocks her treasures;
Byzantine splendour.



Winter birds coming home, passing through, adding immeasurably to the richness…

Thrush flock a bare ash,
Invoke a brief, second Spring;
Garland it with song.



Suddenly, it’s no longer Summer, such as that was, a definite and dramatic change in atmosphere…

Hooded crow and jay
carve up the forest silence.
No worse than chainsaws.