It can be difficult to understand what exactly a wood engraving actually is. So here, without more ado, for your greater education (see, I’m always thinking of you!), is a step-by-step, illustrated progression from the original sketch (I deliberately picked a very simple, clear illustration for this purpose) to the finished product at the end: the print.

Traditionally, wood engraving was done on end-grain blocks of a densely grained wood, such as boxwood. This would be my preferred medium, unfortunately, those wooden blocks, particularly the larger ones, are prohibitively expensive (at least for me!) so I use the newly developed resin blocks. They are far cheaper, so you don’t feel too terrified to make a cut in it in case you ruin the damn’ thing!

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Then, fully informed and newly appreciative, you can go to the wood engravings gallery and even purchase a piece for your own home or as the perfect present!