Flying by the seat of our pants!

Flying by the Seat of our pants!

Well, the trials of life are many – the tribulations too,
troubles, ten-a-penny, compensations, pretty few:
it’s survival of the fittest and I don’t think that I fit in that category.
It’s like a jungle out there and I’m no David Attenborough!

It’s all mobile phones and e-mails, microwave and fax,
disenchanted, disenfranchised Generation X.
We’ve built a new Tower of Babel from the ruins of the old
And you’ve got to speak the language, you’ve got to understand the code.

Well, something’s got to happen and it’s got to happen soon,
We can split the atom,we can put men on the moon
But we haven’t made much progress, haven’t made much advance
For all our mumbo-jumbo we’re still flying by the seat of our pants!

Now, the history of Humankind has developed stage by stage:
The Greek and Roman high-points; the Irish Golden Age;
the Age of Enlightenment; the glory of the Renaissance.
Now what have we to offer? The Age of the Boy Bands!

We used to hang on every word of our bishop, priest and pope,
now it seems that everybody worships every soap,
T.V. never was too highbrow but now it’s completely dumbing down:
we used to fear Big Brother watching us – now it’s the other way around!