September 2011

Woken by a wasp, inches from my face, everything about them seems warlike and dangerous, poised for painful action. But beautiful.

Wasps fly standing up.
Ominous shapes hang ready
from noisy, blurred wings.



Watching the exotic and alien-looking leaf hopper that landed, danced and disappeared in front of me…

Sap green, crimson stripe,
dapper hopper’s dappled dance.
Gone like a blown leaf.



Highly visible, alluring, even in rain, on a Connemara shop wall…

Bold on bright gable:
Beer Books Eggs Marble and Wool.
Eclectic retail.



Torrential rain again this week. Squelch…

Cows hedge-cowering.
Donkeys’ heads deep in blackthorn.
Sky flowing Earthward.