Watchyagonnado without me?
Watchyagonnado now I’ve gone away?
You gonna write a letter begging me to come home?
You gonna try and call me on the telephone?
You gonna sit there crying and a-sobbin’ and a-sighin’, baby?
Watchyagonnado without me?

Who’re ya gonna get to take my place?
Who’re ya gonna get, girl, instead of me?
I’ll tell you now you’ll never find another fool who’ll be so blind!
So watchyagonnado without me?

I’m sorry that I have to be the one to break the news.
I know you mightn’t like it but it’s true!
But there’s no other sucker who would take this much abuse:
No-one but me would ever stick with you!

So, watchyagonnado without me?
Who’re ya gonna get, girl, to take my place?
Bap-bap-a dodn dodn…
Watchyagonnado without me?
How’re ya gonna live without me?
Watchyagonnado without me?

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