Book: The Silence Unravelling (poetry)

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The Silence Unravelling

Haiku & 10 tanka

Paul Ó Colmáin

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“To write successful haiku in English, a poet would, I imagine, have to have a love of language, or languages; and would also have to have the eye of an artist and the ear of a musician. It’s no surprise that Paul Ó Colmáin has undertaken such a task, for he is the perfect poet for it. A gifted, craftful writer and linguist, a brilliant exponent of woodcut engravings, and a talented song-writer and muscian, he brings all his formidable gifts to bear on this beautiful collection of verse – many of the specimens netted from his ‘haiku of the week’ feature on his website. Paul has taken the traditional elements of haiku – the quick-witted perception, the flourish of a thought, the accurate observation – and cast them in an Irish mould.”  James Harpur from his introduction.

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“These haiku and tanka are fresh, accurate, insightful and clear. They delight in our one and only world; they lift the heart, and quiet the mind.”  Theo Dorgan

“These are wonderful poems!  They grab your attention instantly evoking strong responses with their dagger like accuracy, their spot-on images, and their sly humor.  I have had the most delightful time reading them, and they stay with me like good poems should—not something you remember, but what you cannot forget.”  Anne Mullin Burnham

Click here for examples of Paul’s haiku.