August ’09

Oh, my God! Yet again, new record-breaking statistics for the weather! To paraphrase Churchill, we had weather, damn weather and statistics! Naturally, this had an affect on, not only people’s disposition, but the subject matter of writings…

Flood day

Streams gush milky tea.
The mountains wear white ribbons.
Black river of road.


After Rain. Connemara

The fields lie, soaking,
Sodden sheep seek dry tussocks,
Drenched crows stand, sullen.

The post’s running late,
“the weather’s terrible, lads.
This rain is un-real.”

Near the crooked bridge,
the ebbing, peaty waters
leave tea-leaf tide-marks.

(Amber diamond states:
“Road Liable To Flooding”
– bloody obvious!)



Brambled hedge

Great opportunists,
brambles over-reach themselves
to claim new territories.