Ag líonadh mo chroí

Filling my heart              (Ag líonadh mo chroí)

It’s in the breeze that blows off the mountains
it’s in the smell of the sea on the wind
it’s in the bright gold of the furze on the hill
and it’s filling my heart

It’s in the smile of a child at play
it’s that spark in an old man’s eye
it’s in the dream that warms you on waking
the thing that pierces your heart like a needle

It’s the barley dancing in the breeze
the lightning in the middle of the night
it’s in the moon bright over the sea
and it’s filling my heart.

It’s in the first unsteady stand of a foal
it’s in the stoop of a hawk in the sky
it’s in the flash of a fox at dawn
and it fills all my thoughts.

Ahh, it lifts and it flies and it raises
soaring in the sky
it brightens & glistens & dazzles
like a star in the sky
A Soul-night:
It sparkles…

It’s a force with an unstoppable power,
wild, ageless, loving
and I’m leaving my senses wide open
and they are being filled fully