April 2012

Aimsir thipiciúil na míosa seo: grian, báisteach, teas, fuacht, grian…

Scáthanna scamall
ag sciurdaigh thart go h-aerach.
Saintheaspach Aibreáin.



Typical April weather: predictably unpredictable! A bit of everything, if you don’t like it, wait a minute.

Toothed gales sweeps through.
Fresh, green leaves quail in the blast.
Sun dries up rain pools.



Beautiful, sunny, April weather, the grass coming on, rooks patrolling fields in their organised, almost military way, heads down, engrossed in their task…

Ten glossy black backs.
Rook squad quarters the bright field.



April, come she will…and despite the incredibly pervasive stink of spread slurry, it’s beautiful. Cold but sunny, fresh and bursting with new, green life.

The hedges filling.
Dandelions and daisies turn,
following the sun.