January 2014

Sealanna geala, ciúine idir eachtraí fhiáine, uafásacha….

Lios ar an ngealach,
Linnte airgeadúla,
Caidhp ceo ar an gcnoc./Scáthanna dubha.



The crows seem to love this wild weather, they’re out there, apparently exulting in it, showing off…

Raven wind-riders
Pristine choreography
Two shapes become one



January in Cill Rialaig….

Bare, rocky mountain;
empty sky: needs something else.
Peregrine appears.



Whew, these storms are massive, so gloriously dramatic…

Pine woods: just jack straws;
Sea walls are mere sand castles.
It’s almost anger.



Wild weather continues, huge storms, floods, dramatic skies…

Dirty mauve billows
on a sepia backdrop.
Not a single crow.