January 2015

All these storms are really churning up the sea, massive swells rolling in…

Heaving neap-tide swell
greedily sucks rocky teeth.
Otter, unconcerned.



The woods are woods no longer, stripped of their leaves, the trees are naked, separate entities, stranded in unfamiliar light…

Leafless, the once-woods,
now individual trees,
are hungry for light.



It’s love-time for the vulpine community: heart-stopping shrieks in the night…

Vixen haunts the night.
Banshee love-call rends the dark.
Moonlight floods the gap.



Wild weather, hurricanes and storms, orange alert, red alert…

Power lines’ shrill keens
herald the storm’s outriders.
Trees and buildings quake.



A very mixed start to the year, some beautiful days, some monsoon days…

Rain reclaims runnels;
Brightly glosses ivy leaves.
Streams – and robins – sing.