January 2013

A sudden, brief change in the weather: snow. Particularly after all the grey, it’s so beautiful…

Tinted pinks and blues,
snow, half-melted, now frozen.
Icing on the cake.   (from Silence of Snow)



Ah, sunshine, after all the weeks of mist and fog, it’s glorious. Glittering.

Welcome visitor,
the sun showers us with gifts:
We’re all dripping gems.



Out walking through the woods, sunshine at last, after weeks of mist and rain, the peace suddenly destroyed by a pair of jays…

Jagged screech of jays
rips the silent morning page:
shocking suddenness.


Petrol-blue flashes,
bright comets in the dark woods.
The silence shattered.



Out walking through the Winter landscape, blackbirds, every few yards, burst, screaming panic, from cover, blowing, in the process, their own – and scaring the bejasus out of  this quietly, contemplatively strolling human…

Innocent startler
startled by startled blackbird: