June 2010

Iomaidh Fheichín, Omey Island, Connemara, and the sun is shining…what more could you want?

These morning zephers
waft notes of wild thyme sweetness.
Pink granite basking.



Loch Eidhneach, ar áiteanna áille an Domhain. Agus nuair a thaitníonn an ghrian…

Pléascann an ghrian:
‘s ní “Binn Dubh” a thuilleadh
ach “Binn na Soilse”.

[ Honey light breaks through,
the hill’s “Binn Dubh” (the Black Mt.) no longer
but “Mountain of Light”.]



A visit to the díseart of Colmán CillMacDuagh on the edge of the Burren, one of the special places.

By the lichened well.
tway-blade hangs prayer-rag blossoms.
Shy invocation.



Perfect Summer, glorious weather, beautiful time of year, love s in the air…

Brush of fingertips
Butterfly shower explodes
in velvet silence.