October 2014

Strange sounds from the dark….

Midnight banshee wails.
Which just might be banshee wails.
Or just…cats. Maybe.



Watery. But still beautiful, still inspiring…

Underwater light,
Dripping dappling overlaps.
Sharp tang of mushrooms.



The woods are glorious, everything copper, bronze, silver, gold…priceless!

Turning green to gold,
the Midas Touch run amok.
Autumn’s alchemy.



Another glorious Autumn morning in West Cork….

Mist slants beams of light
The hills’ flanks steam lazily
Shadows stretch themselves



Steaming a straight line between the water and the trailing oak leaves, in strong morning sunlight, a kingfisher….

A whirr and a blur,
Turquoise, vermillion dart.
Arrows are flying.