July 2011

Wow, there is some blossom on the olearia this summer, massive snow banks of blossom. Like the may flowers earlier..

Inspired by the may,
olearia blooms hugely
scented snow drift clouds.



The fuschia is in full, glorious bloom now. They positively glow in the mist.

Gorgeous ensemble,
lithe, cerise ballerinas
kick diamond droplets


Arrghh, the mist is still with us…it is beautiful, though, somehow lifts and heightens the colours around, rather than muting them.

The low, lilac mist
emphasises glowingly
oft-hidden colours.



Tall grass, rusty docks,
swaying, multicoloured seas
Hide frighted pheasants.



A hot, hot day…too brief

Tar forms sticky pools,
snares to trap unwary flies.
Crows keep to shadows.