Haiku of the week

What is an Haiku, anyway? Perhaps the best way to describe it is by using the medium itself! Here are two attempts (by me):

Japanese Haiku:
a poetic distillate
of seventeen sounds.

Actually, this second one is more true to the rules, in that it has three lines, with a set or prescribed number of syllables or, more correctly, sounds, per line, to wit, five – seven – five. The haiku is normally used to write about Nature and gives a hint as to what season it is. The final line often holds a surprise. However, rules – particularly rules for any artistic endeavour, are made to be broken! The final line often holds a surprise. But:

Counting syllables
and mentioning some cherry trees
won’t make it haiku!

But anyway, let’s not get too observant. As we say in Cork, “yerra, feck it!” Below are samples of  my own haiku, added each week. Or, if you want to look at the previous weeks’ and months’ offerings, click here. Or, better yet, purchase a copy of my book of haiku with Eblana Press, The Silence Unravelling!