Doris Day smile

Doris Day Smile

There’s a girl in Burgerking,
she’s the image of Doris Day.
A “special offer” lured me in
and the rain, the rain was sleeting grey.

I hardly knew how to order –
I just came in to escape the rain.
It’s not a place for food – not real food, anyway,
and me a lapsed vegetarian!
(Oh Dalai Lama, forgive me, for I have sinned!)

She took my hesitant order
with the bored patience of
the professional fast-food waitress.
Bright lights, loud noise,
bustling baseball-capped girls and boys.
How the Hell can people eat
to the constant techno beat-beat-beat? Beats me!
Oh-oh, I’m getting old!

And as I stood there, waiting in the queue,
drowning in plastic,
thinking how impersonal it all was,
thinking how vile,
when she turned around to give me my order
and with it she gave me
the most fantastic,
the most beautiful,
the most perfect Doris day smile.

You know the one with the soft-focus surround?
You know the one that makes your heart fly?
You know the one with the twinkle on one tooth?
You know the one with that sparkle in her eye?
I, I, I am lost!

There’s a girl in Burgerking,
with a Doris Day smile you can’t ignore.
There’s a girl in Burgerking
and my secret love’s no secret any more!
Que sera, sera, sera, what will be will be will be.
She brightens up my darkest day.
She brightened up my Doris Day.
My, my Doris Day.
Whip crack away!