February 2012

Definite feel of Spring, buds, catkins, tendrils, shoots…

Fresh, dark, bluebell leaves
congregate ’round ash tree roots.
Preparing for Spring.


It’s been so mild, no Winter, really, just moist warmth – a good year for moss! All kinds of flowers are appearing out-of season and unexpected. Or just hanging on from last year.

Two tiny pink bells,
escallonia florets,
Spring scouting party.



The great and blue tits have been belting out their songs of seduction with gusto

The silence, shredded,
great tits cleave the air with song,
hack-saw-through-steel sounds.



Fair play to the wee robins, they never stop their singing, no matter what the weather’s like, or what time of year it is! Now, though, they go into overdrive, as a young robin’s fancy turns to thoughts of Spring!

From the highest points,
pugnacious, daring robins
take on all-comers.