August 2012

Plus ca change…what a Summer!

Night’s mackerel sky
hints at uncertainty.
Change, the one constant.



This year, even more than usual – due, no doubt, to the strange weather we’ve been having, the insects are more abundant than ever, especially, these muggy nights; the daddy-long-legs, or crane flies, skittering all over the walls and ceiling, your face, even, as you lie listening to their terpsichorean manoeuvrings…

Tap-dancing crane flies
beat out their crazy rhythm
-all the room’s their stage.



And the rain it raineth every day…Perhaps this is the meaning of the cup marks and spirals on our ancient megaliths: patterns of the unceasing rain!

Rain makes ancient Art
Fleeting, myriad “cup marks”
Flood of images!



The bees, perhaps more than ourselves, relish every break in the rain-cycle of this wet summer. Like pilgrims they flock, swarm the flowerbed sanctissima…

The prayer-hum of bees,
sunwise, they make sacred rounds,
their own holy wells.



Even with all this crazy weather, flowers are blooming in glorious colours, shapes and scents, irrepressible. Whole galaxies of yellows and reds and oranges that fill the verges, the eyes, the senses…

Cue Summer’s Big Bang;
Explosion of yellow blooms:
A hundred bright suns.