Rise Up!

Rise Up!

I was working in the garden just the other day,
spreading manure in the usual way,
satisfied that all my toil was feeding, nurturing the soil.
And as I dug with all my might, it struck me like a blinding light
that only in political debate does the World have to deal with so much shite!

Sure, their intentions  be good, but it’s their actions we will judge.
Their talk’s all “progress”, “jobs” and “booms”
while in deed they treat us like mushrooms!
I’ve had this said to me before, but it’s a truth you can’t ignore:
They keep us in the dark, for sure, and feed us, verbally, on manure!

Rise up, you people!  Rise up and roar!
Rise up and tell them  We won’t take this anymore!

They claim that they’re all “leaning left”, yet half the country is bereft
of decent schools and medi-care and they seem genuinely unaware.
But how could they really keep in touch with the milling rest of us?
All their pensions and State cars must be effective barriers.

Don’t forget they’re here to serve and we get the politicians we deserve,
Before it’s too late we’ve got to turn, oh, when will we ever learn?

Rise up, you people…

Now, I’m not screaming “revolution!”I don’t claim that I have solutions,
But I want to hop the ball: are we civilised at all?
Will the values of our Nation inspire future generations?
Is it naive to make the case that we make the World a better place?

I know you’ll sneer at me and call me a fuzzy-thinking liberal
but do we want our kids in thrall to faceless Multi-nationals?
Will we sacrifice our souls for short-term economic goals?
Let’s stop and think before we part with our Heritage, Culture, Nature, Art.

This is for the politicians and this is for the voters, too,
It’s time for us to set conditions, it’s time for us to tell them what to do!

I suppose that what I’m trying to do is ask you if you’ve thought it through,
And if you have, well, that’s ok because I support Democracy.
But I reserve the right to think you’re wrong and sing it to you in a song!
To jog your conscience, make you think and realise we’re on the brink.
Do you realise we’re on the brink?You must realise we’re on the brink.

Rise up, you people…

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