Aon chroí lán (Conamara)

     More than any heart can hold (Connemara)

Green breeze blowing off the islands,
the sunset paints the mountains gold,
my shadow’s dancing though the silver foam:
more than any heart can hold.

Gentle breeze piping music,
echoing in my head,
the lonely song of the birds:
the loneliest sound in the world.

Full, full of memories,
deep emotion in my heart,
in Connemara, Connemara.

Pick my way along the shoreline,
footprints sink and leave no trace,
everything I see reminding me:
your name, your hair, your smile, your face…

Remembering, remembering, oh, always remembering,
raking the ashes, looking back.
Thinking, oh, always thinking:
only loneliness for company.