February 2015

Big winds and big seas, amazing how at home some creatures, even small ones, can be in there, despite huge, breaking waves…

Impervious rocks
ignore the battering sea.
Otter, too, blasé.



Bright splash of gorse flowers reminds me of the old saying, “kissing’s out of season when the gorse is out of bloom!” Somewhere, it’ll be blooming…

Here and there, gorse blooms,
Gleams in the late Winter gloom.
Kissing: In Season!



Some trees still hold on to last year’s leaves, but mimosa is in full, beautiful flower. But there’s a bite in that wind despite the mild day…

Brown oak leaves rattle,
recalling Winter’s chill wind.
Mimosa shivers.



Dramatic weather, clear, blue sky suddenly darkens and explodes…

Sudden hiss of hail,
bead curtain closes us in.
White noise, dark clamour.