Lá Fhéile Bhríde (poem)

     St.Brigids Day           (winner Poet’s Podium 1995, Samhlaíocht Chiarraí)

The sun awoke us.
Like a fanfare
or a burst of wild laughter.
Spilling in along the floor,
Splashing up the walls,
Streaming through the ever-open door.

We didn’t know at first, what was happening,
failed to recognise the bright clamour of the sun.
And then we remembered the words
That you, druidlike, had spoken:

“The Sun will come back on St.Brigid’s Day.”

And a welling of Hope,
Pagan and Pure,
Came rising inside us,
Sitting in bed,
Brigid or Danú,
The Winter defeated:

“The Sun will come back on St.Brigid’s Day.”

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