April 2011

The most beautiful time of year, really getting underway: growth, profusion, fecundity….

Head-bowed humility,
Elegant El Greco saints,
the nimbused plantain.



This glorious period of fresh, soft growth is always too fleeting somehow…

Shivering silk scraps,
brambles’ delicate new show
belie their toughness.



Ah, that light: bright green glimmer of new leaves forming a nimbus around the early-waking trees, like birch and willow. There’s still a little nip when not in direct sun but it’s definitely a new Season. A beautiful time of year.

April breeze still cool
Blue-rinse spruce shiver primly
Birch shimmer green haze



Had to move the bird feeder when the rats ingeniously worked out how to climb along a 3mm twig, hang by their hind feet and reach, suspended upside-down, to eat the nuts. No doubt, they assume they’re there for them as much – or more, as for the birds….today a twittery racket caused me to look out and see a new menace for the hungry birds, the local tom in who’s territory we live…

Cothaitheoir tréighte.
Íde béil éan i bhfolach.
Cat mín lastíos.

[Hidden birds scolding.
Feeder hangs unattended.
Sleek cat sits below.]