September 2013

Fog and mist for days now, seemingly never-ending. Just shows how many spiders there are, though! And it has its own nacreous beauty…a softening…

Mist highlights spiders,
Hangs their webs with fairy lights.
Cocoons the sharp furze.



Still breezy, we’ve definitely moved into Autumn…

Leaves burst like starlings.
The wind whips up excitement.
Starlings burst like leaves.



After the storm, oyster catchers probe and search among the tide-line debris…

Shoreline jumble sale,
sea-pies rummage for bargains,
pipe their victories.



Mountain ash, an important tree in the folklore, second consonant of the ogham alphabet, giver of knowledge, it confers protection and health, exudes graceful strength...

Rowans bow deeply,
red-berried magnificence,
calm humility.