December 2012

Christmas Eve madness in town, ah, the excitement of it all!

Chaos reigns supreme,
Crowded market bonhomie,
Christmas Eve bedlam.



The long-threatened, much-talked about Mayan End of the World day comes at last – again! And it’s Solstice. Haven’t seen the sun for a while…

The Last Day Ever.
The shortest day of the year.
Will the sun come back?



The storm blew off most of the last, clinging gold and copper leaves, what an Autumn we had…bright leaf-confetti for us this morning…

Last night’s south-west gale
scattered brightly coloured leaves
to lift our morning.



This low, December sun, dazzling through the sharp-etched pines….

Chardonnay sun squints
through pines’ gold-spun organza.
Bright, liquid backdrop.