October ’09

Misty Morning

Mist laps at the hedge.
I’m on a muted island
in a milky sea.



Some big winds have really brought Autumn roaring in, whipping leaves off branches and giving a battered, bare look to the place. A long drive home yesterday in mists and gales and flurries of leaves.

Autumn homecoming

Autumn greets us home,
gold leaves swirl all around us,
tickertape welcome.



October has continued, pretty much as September left off: sunny days, warm evenings and that beautiful low, Autumnal light. Even the rain that does appear doesn’t last.

October day

The forecast was right:
Rain Band clearing off, eastwards,
sunshine in its wake.


The clouds trail away.
Watery sun throws shadows
to soak up the rain.




Whoof of raven’s wings
pulling through porridge-thick air
the only new sound.



We’ve had a lovely September, hardly any (if any – can’t remember!) rain and lots of heat (for us!!) and sunny days (daze, after that “Summer”!) and the low light of this time of year is really special.
This morning, I went out up the hill in a light misting which dried out and the sun came out. It was gorgeous. I walked along rough trails in a forestry area, cleared two years ago, so, covered with flowers and full of bird song.

Morning walk

Bog pools wink and twitch,
rippling ringed convulsions,
flies in their brown eyes.

From behind the trees,
metallic, megaphone voice:
raven’s muzzein call.