New Book! Hot off the presses!

From Eblana Press, a book of haiku & tanka, by Paul Ó Colmáin,

The Silence Unravelling

Front cover onlyTo be launched early Summer 2018. Pre-orders here.

Also available:

Behind Every Hero – Fionn MacCumhail & the Scottish Giant

by Paul Ó Colmáin, illustrated by Dubhaltach Ó Colmáin. To purchase a copy and see photos of the launch click the link above.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*******************************************************************************

Uisce faoi thalamh. Hidden. Buried.

In practising my Art, I am  attempting to uncover an artefact in this bog that belongs to me.

“…glimpsed with atavistic instinct…”

Our language, Culture and Landscape are all connected. I cannot separate them.

“…gan teanga: gan anam..”

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Like the Early Christian Irish monks, I seek to describe and marvel at Nature and express my response to it. Then to explore that response. To imagine and re-imagine.

My visual art, poetry and music and language are intertwined.

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