Sí (poem)

     Fairy Fort   (published in e-journal, Pirene’s Fountain, Spring/Summer 2012)

I stumbled on a fairy fort
on an October hill
with the wind making
seashore noises
in a holly tree
the shape of a peacock.

It turned from
a brambly hedge
to a green and amber
bowl of mysteries
and whispers
with one step up on a flame of quartz.

Inside was just as wild,
the flailing, rusty fringes
Mexican-waving no shelter,
the sky a frosted pane
and a tumble of crows,
the fox-red bracken
feathering the chocolate rabbit-holes.

I circled the inside
three times, sunwise
and nothing happened.
Or maybe I emerged into a
World forever changed
by my stumbling, foolhardy actions.

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