Lyrics of the songs on my albums (five, to date)
For those of you who, like me, like, need, want to have, see, read, absorb, digest, marvel at the lyrics of songs, here you can! For the lyrics to the songs, simply click below on the song you want or, if you know the album it’s on, click the album.


Geantraí, Goltraí…

Dancing from the knees up

Faoi shé 

Looking to the Underneath   

NOW,that’s what I call RANTING!Vol.1


Songs on the albums:

A rainy day  (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

Adhmad farraige

Ag lionadh mo chroí

An domhain cláir

Any other way

Aon chroí lán (Conamara)

Back again



Courage too late


D’iompaigh mé

Disappearing shoes

Doris Day smile

Edit suite

Flying by the seat of our pants!

I don’t sleep alone

I’m a maid that sleeps alone

In Paris with you (James Fenton)

Is fada an bealach abhaile anocht

Island lady

Lig dom dúiseacht

Like a lover


Monterey pines

Ná labhrófá liom?

Níl éinne mar Mháire

Nine o’clock

Not -so cloudy day

Oh, America


Ribbons for you

Rise up

Secret desire

Sitting in a café

Siúil amach an doras

Some kind of poet

Speed the morning light


The drums of War

The grace of you

The obvious

The only one

The valley

Tiger by the tail

Time to go



Will you think of me?

Wounds (Michael Miller)

You just walked in

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